Below are tools that we have designed to help you accomplish our mission. These tools will give you the information to create and maintain a collegiate WIR cohort as well as facilitate and manage a creative writing workshop at your local juvenile detention center.

Writers in Residence Handbook:

Our Handbook is the most comprehensive development tool for student leaders and full-time faculty/staff that want to get involved with our organization because it explains in three sections how to:

  1. Facilitate creative writing workshops at your local juvenile detention center;
  2. Foster a genuine, long-lasting relationship with the residents, and;
  3. Free the residents’ voices.

Writers in Residence Curriculum – 2018:

We provide our collegiate WIR cohorts with enough curriculum for either a twice-a-week creative writing workshop for a single semester or a once-a-week creative writing workshop for two semesters. We also diversify our curriculum with classic and modern genres written by authors from various demographics to represent and expose the residents to multiple perspectives.

Creative Writing Workshop’s Expectations (The Contract):

In order to create an environment for our collegiate WIR cohorts and the residents to accomplish the creative writing workshop’s goals, we establish the creative writing workshop’s expectations, or as we call it “The Contract.” Our collegiate WIR cohorts amend and ratify expectations on their contract based on their creative writing workshop.

Writers in Residence Surveys:

We believe in data driving our decision-making processes because we want to provide the residents with the highest quality of creative writing workshops. Our surveys give us feedback from the residents about their reception and experience during the creative writing workshop and if we should change any of the creative writing works and prompts, student volunteers, and our methods.

“Yes, everything speaks for itself. If given an assignment I just do it.

You guys opened my mind more.”

– A Resident at Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correction Facility
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