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Your donations will allow us to:

  • Bring writing materials and prepackaged snacks to creative writing workshops.
  • Publish the residents’ creative writing into chapbooks.
  • Showcase the chapbooks in public spaces for the community.
  • Develop more WIR cohorts in Ohio. 
  • Fund legal aid to receive an official 501(c)(3) status.
  • Develop an alumni program for the residents that are re-entering back into society.
  • Educate and advocate for government policy that affects incarcerated or formerly incarcerated youths.

If you would like to donate writing materials and prepackaged snacks, use this information below:

Writers in Residence
English Department
1 John Carroll Blvd.
University Heights, Ohio

“To help me articulate in writing. We have met those expectations.”

– A Resident at Cuyahoga Hills Juvenile Correction Facility
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